My review of Pillsbury’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust and a recipe as well

My review of Pillsbury’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust and a recipe as well

I will start by saying that this is ONLY my opinion, so take that for what it’s worth. Early in the week I had been to our local grocery store and say that they actually had the GF Pillsbury Pastry and Pie Crust and the Pizza Crust….but no cookie dough. I bought one of each because I wanted to try them for a couple of reasons.

1. I like to try new things that come on the market to see what they’re like. In the event that I am asked, which I am asked often, I can at least say I tried them.

2. You never know what good things you might find out there if you don’t try them.

Breakfast Pizza

BUT, if you ever read my blog, you’ll know that I’m not an advocate of processed foods, so I don’t often buy stuff like this. It’s just not ‘healthy’ and it’s super expensive. I can much something much tastier at home than this as well. But, we also all know that sometimes you need something in a pinch and it’s not ALWAYS feasible to make your own stuff from scratch each day.

With that said, here’s my thoughts on this.

1. It’s really expensive. It was on sale there and I do realize that some grocery stores are more than others, so it may depend on where you live and what’s all available, but it still cost me over $5 for an 11-inch crust. While that isn’t horrible in comparison to the already made pizza crusts that you can get from Udi’s or Rudi’s or wherever, it’s still much more than if I just made my own.

2. It has an odd color and odd smell to it upon opening the container. And no, I did nothing to change the photo. It’s an odd, brownish color too.

dough in container

3. The texture when spreading is odd, but it wasn’t awful to spread out. I made it on a baking stone and spread it out to where I thought about 11 inches would be, as per what it says on the container. I used an olive oil spray on my hands to help me spread it because it also tells you to use something to grease your hands with on the container. It would be awful it you didn’t do this. I had to spray them more than once. It’s really gummy/sticky.

4. You pre-bake, as you would pretty much any pizza crust, for 12 minutes or so and then add your toppings. After the pre-bake, it came out looking real weird….almost spongy like. It was very bizarre and made me question how it would taste.

pre-baked crust

5. It baked up great in exactly the amount of time said on the container.

Finished pizza

6. Now we come to the taste part. You know how you’ve been told all your life that if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything…..
So, do you want the honest truth?
IT IS AWFUL!!!! It’s, by far, the worst crust I’ve ever had!!! The texture is real chewy and tough, which is all too familiar for us gluten free people, BUT this seems worse! But the worst part about it was the taste. I have never tasted something so bizarre and so gross in all my gluten free years. My husband ate it as well and he couldn’t even finish it. He was THAT grossed out. I am not one to waste food, so I ate mine. I don’t know what will end up of the leftovers though. :(
It has this sweet and I-don’t-know-what taste to it that was just repulsive. I’m sorry, but I’m just being honest. I wouldn’t sell this stuff to my worst enemy. ICK!

7. The ingredient list isn’t horrendous, but it’s not great either. The one thing I did like, that surprised me, was there didn’t seem to be any corn in it (unless it was hidden in “natural flavors” or something, to which I can’t say that’s even in there because I threw away the container and don’t remember for certain).

Overall, I was awfully disappointed. Not because I would buy this often, but because I like having options, especially when traveling. I was also disappointed that they would put out a product like this. I was disappointed for the thousands of other people who will waste their money on trying this. I was disappointed for those same people that don’t have a lot of other options.

My other thing is, I don’t really like buying products from large corporations that make a butt load (yes, I said butt load) of different products, especially when the majority of them are gluten-laden baked goods, because there is such a high risk of cross contamination, unless they can tell you for certain that they use separate lines, area, utensils, etc, etc. I did email them to ask and I simply received a ‘canned’ email response directing me to their gluten free product information. Real nice!

And, if anyone cares, I did make a breakfast pizza. It’s what sounded good. :)

Breakfast Pizza

Bacon, 4-5 strips, sliced into small pieces
Sausage, 4 slices, diced (I typically buy the stuff that comes in a tube and you slice off pieces)
1/2 medium onion, diced
2 cups of cheese, shredded (I shredded colby and mozzarella)
6-8 eggs, scrambled

I fry up the meats together and drain on a paper towel when finished. In the meantime, I dice up the onion and scramble the eggs. I use the same pan to cook the eggs, but I don’t cook them all the way. I cook them until they scramble nicely, but they are still wet. I forgot to take a photo of what that looks like, but you don’t want to overcook the eggs in this step, because once they go on the pizza they will cook a bit more and then get dried out.

While the eggs are cooking I shredded the cheese and then put the whole thing together once the crust was pre-baked. Eggs first, then meat and onions, and then the cheese on top. Bake it until cheese is golden.

It’s yummy! You should try it! :)

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